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She might well be called the Priyanka Chopra of Nepal. She is tall, bold and beautiful. She’s the lovely Priyanka Karki who ruled the Nepalese modeling industry for two years before finally leaving for the United States for her higher studies. This dusky beauty literally captured the whole Nepalese modeling industry when she was in Nepal with her appearing in more than 50% of music videos made back then. Every other artist wanted to take her in their music videos and why not, Priyanka with her beautiful smile and elegant style made it all look so effortless in the music videos. She was the undisputed queen lady model before she finally decided to take off to the USA for her higher studies.
Now time to drop the bomb. This beauty is already married. Sad but true! After a few months after flying to the States, she fell in love with her fellow college mate, a Nepalese guy named Rochak Mainali and they decided to tie the knots. Rochak must be be feeling like a King and must be very happy being engaged to this beautiful queen. We don’t know what hurried her into marriage at a tender age of 22, however Rochak must have wanted it to be ASAP after he fell in love with her for obvious reasons. We wish the couple a very bright future and a happy married life.! Here’re some pictures of Priyanka with her man:
Priyanka Karki’s Marriage Picture:
Priyanka Karki husband
Priyanka Karki Marriage 
Priyanka Karki started her modeling career in 2004. She won the coveted Miss Teen Nepal 2005 contest and since then there has been no looking back for her. She has acted in tons of advertisements and music videos and walked the ramphundred times since then. Here are some stats about Priyanka Karki that might interest you:
Nick Name : PK, Rose 
Birthdate : 27th Feb. 1987 
Birthplace :  Kathmandu  
Star Sign : Pisces 
Vital Stats : 32” 26” 34” 
Height : 5'6” 
Weight : 50Kg
Her hobbies include dancing, swimming and coin collection. Her fantasy is to meet Shaq O’ Neal. She must have already done that after going to the United states. Her favorite female model is Cindy Crawford. Her favorite movie stars are Josh Harnett, Angelina Jolie, Sushmita Sen and Rani Mukherjee. She loves to listen to Green Day, 3 Doors Down, The Shadows, Axix, NSK, The Uglyz, MadZone whenever she feels like listening to music.
Interestingly, she says, her nails are her biggest assets along with her smile. Nails?? We think there are other assets on that carved body of hers more precious than her nails. What say? :-)
We have collected some pictures and videos of Priyanka Karki from the internet for you to enjoy. We hope you like them.
Pictures of Priyanka Karki:
priyanka karki goggles
priyanka karki camera

priyanka karki sexy
priyanka karki hot
priyanka karki smiling
priyanka karki red dress
priyanka karki pink
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priyanka karki kurtha
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priyanka karki skirt
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